Cracked Earth

A waste of lives A waste of lives

By Edith Mirante

The scramble for jade in Myanmar's Kachin State.

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Well - read

How hate works How hate works

By Rakesh Shukla

A new book profiles individuals who participated in the 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat pogroms.

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People & Politics

Letter from Karachi: For a place in the shade Letter from Karachi: For a place in the shade

By Kevin Shi

Shade is increasingly becoming a luxury in Karachi's public spaces.

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Bella Ciao, Namaye Muhajir Bella Ciao, Namaye Muhajir

By Taran N Khan

The Making of a Refugee: Parts 7 and 8 – A series on Afghans in Germany

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Ad-freeze zone Ad-freeze zone

By Chhetria Patrakar

The Modi government has reportedly been cutting ads to major newspapers.

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  • A collective madness

    I. R. Sheikh, 13 August 2019

    Please don't compare India to Pakistan.
    We have our fair share of bigots.They are vocal, and our relatively free press gives them more space than I ...

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  • The audacity of ‘sitting improperly’

    Fran Winston, 02 August 2019

    Kudos to you. In the west I appreciate we take our travel liberties for granted and it’s easy to forget that some of our sisters are still oppressed...

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  • The audacity of ‘sitting improperly’

    M. Khalid Jamil, 28 July 2019

    A nice piece to read, I am not a feminist and its been a very long time since any women sat on bike with me but I remember I always asked women (from ...

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