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Reclaiming Afghanistan

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(Vol 27 No 1)

Reclaiming Afghanistan

Afghanistan is going through a major period of transition. Competing narratives about the ongoing changes indicate the polarised nature of debate, and reflect a linear understanding of Afghanistan that has emerged as a result of continual conflict. Himal’s latest quarterly seeks to engage with a new perspective and raise critical questions. Does the Western military withdrawal translate into a disaster for the country or will it open up new spaces of opportunity? Can Afghanistan reclaim sovereignty from the international community? Will Afghans assert ownership and wrest control of their society from predatory leaders? What are the implications of situating the country in the regional context?

Our print quarterly explores these questions with content on a range of topics, including human rights discourse and international aid, nationality and identity, social media use and advocacy efforts among the Afghan diaspora. Additionally, this issue offers a number of other articles that focus on citizenship, displacement and belonging in different Southasian contexts.

Taran Khan on the story of Zarmina

Fariba Nawa on Afghans overseas that provide support to the country they left behind

Norah Niland on the yawning gap between Western human rights discourse and action

Alex Strick Van Linschoten on reading the Taliban

Steve McCurry’s  portraits of Afghan youths

Vijay Prashad reviews Vishwajoti Ghosh’s graphic anthology of partition

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