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Himal Southasian is the only magazine of politics and culture covering the Southasia region: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan and the Maldives. Our writers are deeply embedded in the countries they cover, able to look beyond day-to-day events to the deeper trends shaping the region. Founded in 1987, Himal is based in Kathmandu and is published quarterly by the not-for-profit Southasia Trust. By subscribing to Himal you are supporting independent, high-quality journalism, and ensuring that important regional issues are covered with depth and credibility.

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  • Holes

    Deepika Rao, 16 March 2019

    Real life painted using a pallette of words that tug at heart strings and makes one feel a gnawing sense of emptiness that pervades in society. No res...

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  • Holes

    Yashwanth jembige, 16 March 2019

    Excellent read... The beginning I thought was about her life as e had list her fiancée and how she was treated by her in-laws asking her to return th...

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  • Uniform hysteria

    K SHESHU BABU, 12 March 2019

    The ' paid' mainstream media is playing it's ' biased' part to perfection in raking up sentiments of patriotism and nationalism. While many fake repo...

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