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Himal Southasian is the only magazine of politics and culture covering the Southasia region: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan and the Maldives. Our writers are deeply embedded in the countries they cover, able to look beyond day-to-day events to the deeper trends shaping the region. Founded in 1987, Himal is based in Kathmandu and is published quarterly by the not-for-profit Southasia Trust. By subscribing to Himal you are supporting independent, high-quality journalism, and ensuring that important regional issues are covered with depth and credibility.

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  • A collective madness

    Raja Panwar, 05 June 2019

    Modi, like all strongmen is following the template set by Erdogan. If you want to see India's future see what is happening in Turkey. In India, instit...

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  • Sri Lanka: Back on the brink

    MeiLee Dozier, 05 June 2019

    I really appreciate this deep dive into the complex cleavages in Sri Lankan society and their origins. More of this please!!

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  • The Right-Side-Up Map of Southasia

    Hasan Chaipillai, 04 June 2019

    It is not only that our minds our locked to believe that North is somewhere UP and South is somewhere Down by seeing a published Map of tu e world.

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