Articles by Rakesh Ankit

  • State against society State  against society

    August 2016

    Travelling through Srinagar during the ‘peaceful’ times in 2016 revealed the cartography of state violence.  

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  • India, 1952 India, 1952

    April 2015

    American journalist Louis Fischer’s interactions with Nehru’s contemporaries reveal a tangled reality.

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  • From muhajir to mujahid in Azad Kashmir From muhajir to mujahid in Azad Kashmir

    July 2013

    Cabeiri deBergh Robinson’s new book examines the transformative journey of Kashmiri refugees.

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  • Why separate? Why separate?

    May 2012

    A new book justifies Kashmiri secession, but the scholarly appraisal ignores the full complexity of the crisis.

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