Articles by Madhusree Mukerjee

  • Love in the time of development Love in the time of development

    May 2016

    Pankaj Sekhsaria’s new novel about the Andaman islands turns real life into compelling prose.

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  • The 13 men from Subalpur The 13 men from Subalpur

    June 2015

    Sonia Faleiro's book on the Birbhum gang rape is riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions.

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  • The imperial roots of hunger The imperial roots of hunger

    June 2014

    From the British Raj to today, the dictates of global markets still deny millions in India the opportunity to feed themselves.

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  • A rotten core A rotten core

    August 2013

    M V Ramana’s book dissects India’s nuclear-power lobby to expose its lies and deceit.

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  • To live free To live free

    August 2012

    A new book exposes the myths behind India's 'growth miracle', and looks for ways out of the ecological and social devastation of the current neoliberal model.

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  • Small price for a story

    Benji, 20 November 2019

    Exquisitely sensitive observations there. Loved your story!

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  • End overend

    Ken Gamston, 19 November 2019

    Capt Overend is on the very fringe of my tree and I have been researching him life for some time. Believe me, his real story is 10 times more interes...

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  • The three burials of Danny Denzongpa

    Anusha Nandakumar, 11 November 2019

    I happened to come across this article and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! :)

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