Articles by Fehmida Zakeer

  • Question marks Question marks

    November 2018

    Winner of the first prize in the Online-istan fiction competition.

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  • Keeper of secrets Keeper of secrets

    June 2016

    When I think back to how I met him, I am amazed at how life plays out. If I had not taken the blows meant for Umma that night from Uppa, I would never have met Habib. Uppa’s gift of a broken tooth put me in that clinic where Habib too was waiting to get his dislocated tooth, courtesy the police, f...

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  • The task of writing The task of writing

    May 2015

    In conversation with Bangladeshi writer Farah Ghuznavi.

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  • How hate works

    Ravi, 06 July 2019

    An in depth and insightful reading of the book. Addresses the need to engage with the increasing polarization and communal violence . Inspired to pro...

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  • Stranded in Geneva Camp

    Alal O Dulal, 05 July 2019

    For more background, see Dina Siddqi's essay.

    From the 2014 editorial statement: AlalODulal Editorial Board condemns in the strongest terms the vio...

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  • The myth of the Assamese Bangladeshi

    Bishwanath Dutta Choudhury, 01 July 2019

    Excellent piece! Hopefully, some of those madmen who create these waves of heightened suspicion and anarchy for their political gains would read this ...

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