Articles by Bob Dietz

  • House of reform? House of reform?

    April 2014

    As local journalists organise in defence of Afghanistan’s fourth estate, the success of April elections remains crucial for the media’s future.

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  • A novel of thresholds

    Ordinary Observer, 22 May 2019

    It is indeed exciting to see so many writers collaborating to create a female character.
    The irony is a novel written during the heyday of th...

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  • Diary of a disastrous campaign

    Sharda Chhetri, 10 May 2019

    Had wanted to know about who this captain Kincloch was and the role he played in the gorkha invasion of Nepal. Sadly, he played no role. But what if h...

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  • Chasing a legend

    Dr shyam skha shyam, 05 May 2019

    Gem of an article. Hats off to researcher.

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