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Crossroads in Sri Lankan history Crossroads in Sri Lankan history

By Tamara Fernando

Cosmopolitanism as an antidote to the island's nationalist history.

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What has Southasia been reading: 2018 Edition What has Southasia been reading: 2018 Edition

By The Editors

Book recommendations from our contributors and Southasia’s prominent writers, intellectuals and jour...

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People & Politics

Pakistan’s missing #MeToo movement Pakistan’s missing #MeToo movement

By Hafsa Khawaja

Why has #MeToo remained a murmur and not gained more traction in Pakistan?

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Letter from America: Hindutva in Chicago Letter from America: Hindutva in Chicago

By Slok Gyawali

The World Hindu Congress in Chicago and the Hindu right’s plans to rebrand their ideology.

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Under pressure Under pressure

By Chhetria Patrakar

How was the year 2018 for journalists – and journalism – in Southasia?

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  • Mr Moti

    Nageen Rather, 15 January 2019

    Really a heart wrenching tale with lot of symbolism at work. The language and the technicalities are perfect. The story made my eyes moist. I wish if ...

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  • Pakistan’s missing #MeToo movement

    ibrahim, 11 January 2019

    What a brilliant and relevant article! The writer is a must follow. Hoping to read more of her writings!

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  • The tempest in your tea cup

    Vinod, 10 January 2019

    The reason the Estate Workers were disowned and disfranchised had nothing to do with Kallathonis. It had everything to do with business and electoral ...

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