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  • Chasing a legend

    Laxmivenkatesh, 31 October 2018

    It is a great tribute to a legend, Congrats sampath

  • The waiting game in Kodagu

    K SHESHU BABU, 22 October 2018

    Similar type of ecological destruction can be witnessed elsewhere too. The cyclone ' titli' devasted many areas in Srikakulam district of AP, India displacing many poir villagers and snatching their livelihood. Government's eager to support corporates developing their industries care less about the inhabitants and the environmental destruction they...

  • Shards of memory

    Irfan Mir, 22 October 2018

    Brilliant Book, Brilliant Review. I have been Freny Manecksha's fan since I read her book "Behold, I Shine" a few months ago. Of all the reviews that have come out, this is probably the only review that is written assiduously and diligently that the genius of Feroz deserves. This review makes one realise why we should take fiction seriously, why we...

  • Shards of memory

    Rene Chaudhuri, 15 October 2018

    You write so well Freny and with such a depth of feeling! Congratulations ....You do us proud!!

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  • Rebecca Johnson Bista, 01 July 2018

    Himal Southasian is one of the best political and cultural magazines available. I wish it was still in paper format as I struggle to read it online, but articles are consistently of an excellent standard covering issues that can't be read about elsewhere, especially in the West. Wonderful publication.

  • Sujata Madhok, 05 May 2016

    Relieved to learn that Kanak Dixit has been released and is better. Wish him and Himal all the best. I am sure you will carry on undeterred. In solidarity,

    Sujata Madhok, Delhi Union of Journalists

  • FUKUNAGA Masaaki, 29 April 2016

    Strong solidarity with Mr. Kanak Mani Dixit who is the founding editor of the Himal.
    When I visited Kathmandu, it became very indebted.
    Calculate the release of Dixit's immediate.
    To protest the unfair intervention in the media by the government.

  • Important resource for intellectuals, students

    Dr Arshad Javed Rizvi, 04 November 2015

    I am a frequent reader of HIMAL SOUTHASIAN and believe that it is one of the very important resources for intellectuals, scientists, educationalists as well as students. It enhances and contributes reliable, scholarly knowledge of contemporaneity Southasia for everyone.

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