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Are we sure about India?

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This article was first published in our quarterly issue Are We Sure About India, January 2013.

Are We Sure About India, January 2013.

(Vol 26 No 1)
Are we sure about India? 

Himal Southasian’s inaugural quarterly edition examines India – a dominant presence in all Southasian lives. Now 65 years old, the nation-state of India is ripe for careful re-examination. India is rich with ideas, people and natural resources, but what prevents it from harnessing these for the greater good?

Our contributors explore this central question, and in doing so examine the flaws in India’s Constitution, its political leadership and its increasingly cosy relationship with authoritarian regimes. Despite its economic growth, why does India fail to meet the aspirations of the majority and the needs of the marginalised?

Have historical India’s myriad partitions and truncations detracted from its societal wealth? And what about contemporary India’s relationship with its neighbours? Our inclusive, incisive and irreverent coverage endeavours to find out.

Kanak Mani Dixit on reformatting of India
Gopalkrishna Gandhi
on leadership in Southasia
Namit Arora reviews Perry Anderson’s history of the Indian nationalist ideology
Shivam Vij on nationalism and love in Southasia
Anand Teltumbe reviews Subhash Gatade’s book on the Hindu right
Abhishek Choudhary travels to the Sonepur Mela
Jaswinder Bolina reviews Vijay Prashad’s book on ‘desi’ identity in the USA

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