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Cracked Earth

A waste of lives A waste of lives

By Edith Mirante

The scramble for jade in Myanmar's Kachin State.

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Well - read

How hate works How hate works

By Rakesh Shukla

A new book profiles individuals who participated in the 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat pogroms.

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Resurrecting a forgotten architect Resurrecting a forgotten architect

By Priyanka Lindgren

Does the fictionalised retelling of Minnette de Silva’s story do justice to her life and work?

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People & Politics

The NRC’s spillover effect The NRC’s spillover effect

By Suraj Gogoi and Rohini Sen

Neighbouring states in the Northeast follow in the footsteps of Assam.

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Nepal’s public-school wars Nepal’s public-school wars

By Niranjan Kunwar

Political dissonance is threatening the vitality of public schools in Nepal’s new federal arrangemen...

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Ad-freeze zone Ad-freeze zone

By Chhetria Patrakar

The Modi government has reportedly been cutting ads to major newspapers.

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30 Years of Archives


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  • Quiet and on the edge

    Snehal Sharma, 27 September 2019

    It’s heart breaking! Thank you for actually doing what a journalist should do... because most of our Indian journalists have forgot about their role...

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  • Hussain Miyan’s last journey

    Saif, 23 September 2019

    Good short story... keep writing.

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  • My Japanese parents

    Anuradha Banerjea, 18 September 2019

    A sentimental but nevertheless engaging piece that captures vignettes of a time when India was on the cusp of modernisation. Marred by the author's ap...

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