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India has refused to extend the visas of three journalists working for China’s state-run Xinhua news agency. Xinhua’s Delhi bureau chief Wu Qiang, Mumbai bureau chief Lu Tang and Mumbai-based correspondent, She Yonggang, have been asked to leave India by 31 July. The Wire reported that the government had reached the decision following “concerns” expressed by intelligence agencies.

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  • Questioning Sairat’s politics

    Moses Tulasi, 27 July 2016

    After I got over the initial euphoria over the reversal of gender roles and the refreshing female gaze, something started to bother me with Archie's c...

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  • Questioning Sairat’s politics

    Helen, 27 July 2016

    Working several years with Maratha dominated villages, I have one thing to say - not all girls adhere to the patriarchal dominance in the same way. So...

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  • Questioning Sairat’s politics

    manan bhondekar, 27 July 2016

    Firdaus has made quite an apt criticism.

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