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The Media Meter monitors the health of media throughout Southasia. Watch this space to see our assessment of media coverage and operations, and the status of media groups throughout the region. Write in to let us know if something recent in the region's media has reassured or alarmed you.

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  • The Accidental Prime Minister: Revelation or betrayal?

    Shakti Sinha, 08 August 2014

    The reviewer protests too much. Memoirs are not supposed to be odes of loyalty. There would be little history without them. We would know nothing of R...

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  • The Accidental Prime Minister: Revelation or betrayal?

    JOY KALLIVAYALIL, 07 August 2014

    Baru"s book has the ring of truth around it. And truth is the best defense. Naturally every book reflects the person"s perceptions. And it should be l...

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  • Diabolic designs and demonic actions

    Manukumar, 06 August 2014

    The views expressed in this atricle are fully synical and are out of the embarrasment due the recent win of the nationalistic party in India. The ge...

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