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Manzoor Ahmed Bugti, a Baloch journalist working for the state-run Pakistan Television in Dera Bugti, has been reported missing since 7 November 2014. Manzoor was in Quetta on a private visit on 6 November 2014.

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  • A SAARC-y declaration

    Vrinda M, 27 November 2014

    Hahaha! Great piece guys. Esp Nawaz Sharif, Mahinda Rajpaksa, and ofc, all-at-once Modi.

  • Not-so-free trade

    Spandan Pradhan, 26 November 2014

    Somewhat agreed with the author's point of view, but let's hope there will be more room of opportunity for Nepal followed by SAARC, SAFTA, BIPPA and P...

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  • The sanitising power of spoken Sanskrit

    Anand Kumar, 21 November 2014

    Looks like one polemic (with ample amt of spin) to give a political religious color for a simple attempt to popularize Sanskrit among pop-culture.