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On 9 June 2015, Jagendra Singh, a freelance journalist in Lucknow, died from major burn injuries he sustained after he was allegedly set on fire. Singh had been posting Facebook posts on corrupt practices by Uttar Pradesh’s Minister of State for Backward Class Welfare, Ram Murti Verma, and had been allegedly attacked in the past by Verma’s associates and the police.

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  • Precariats of Indian democracy

    Sanjay Sas, 27 June 2015

    The author responds - "This might not be easy given what the Pundits went through, however this, I beleive, is the starting point for a dialogue with ...

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  • The cantonment state

    arshad durrani, 23 June 2015

    A refreshingly scholastic view.

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  • The 13 men from Subalpur

    Ashley Tellis, 13 June 2015

    Excellent piece except for the first paragraph which gets the protest after the December 2012 rape in Delhi and the legal changes after completely wro...

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