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Southasia Meter


The Southasia Meter registers Southasia’s temperature through the events and issues around the region. Write in to let us know if something recent in the region has reassured or alarmed you.

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  • Seeding the future

    Stephen Mikesell, 05 April 2014

    A problem with seed banks is that they store seeds removed from context. Seed varieties are associated with local environments, their flora and fauna,...

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  • Great website

    Raza Rumi, 25 March 2014

    Just looked at the revamped website - looks brilliant. Far more appealing and user-friendly. All power to Himal :)

  • The sanitising power of spoken Sanskrit

    Patrick McCartney, 11 March 2014

    I can only gather from Akaram's comment that an academic article based on rational empirical observations is no way to gather information and publish ...

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