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The Media Meter monitors the health of media throughout Southasia. Watch this space to see our assessment of media coverage and operations, and the status of media groups throughout the region. Write in to let us know if something recent in the region's media has reassured or alarmed you.

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  • Owning the news

    ManDog, 18 July 2014

    Brilliant piece! Newsrooms across the world are struggling with some of these same issues but i despair for Indian journalism - which has such a great...

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  • The imperial roots of hunger

    Madhusree, 22 June 2014

    Thanks, Harsh. There is a lot of difference between different states in implementation of PDS, and I believe Chattisgarh has one of the more efficient...

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  • The sanitising power of spoken Sanskrit

    Patrick McCartney, 21 May 2014

    Van Der Veer 1999: 419 in his article 'Hindus: A superior race' - discusses the concept of the development of a 'chosen people' as a way to understan...

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