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The Media Meter monitors the health of media throughout Southasia. Watch this space to see our assessment of media coverage and operations, and the status of media groups throughout the region. Write in to let us know if something recent in the region's media has reassured or alarmed you.

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  • Blackness in brown spaces

    Moyo wa Simba, 19 April 2015

    The link to the Indian government's reaction to racial attacks in Australia tells us that if one is able to impact society economically,the un-listene...

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  • Blackness in brown spaces

    Heena, 16 April 2015

    A very thought provoking and informative article. I did not realise how racist Indian society was till, I left it. Shocking accounts of unfairness and...

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  • Blackness in brown spaces

    Peter burjorjee, 14 April 2015

    Excellent article; what will it take to allow Indian society to acknowledge and confront its present racism? I believe there are many parallels in the...

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