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(Vol 27 No 2)
Growing media, shrinking spaces?

Southasia’s media environment is marked by a variety of competing tendencies and trends. The expanding role of corporate ownership and advertising revenue has exerted significant influence over media outlets, and attempts by government and non-state actors to censor through various means continue unabated. At the same time, the proliferation of media has created new openings and opportunities, particularly in terms of the amount of content available. Has this kind of growth enhanced democratic engagement or contributed to the deterioration of public discourse?

Himal’s new print quarterly engages with these topics by considering experiences from across the region, including the role of the media in India’s general elections, overt and covert forms of repression in Sri Lanka, and the trajectory of media in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Aside from assessing media in Southasia, this issue also offers articles that deal with labour and migration, Partition, nationality and the crisis of identities.

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  • Reading the Star of Islam

    Amyn Majid, 22 July 2019

    Dear Sir.
    My uncle M. J. Majid was the founder on the Star of Islam.
    I have several copies of this news papers and would like to share it.

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  • The audacity of ‘sitting improperly’

    Kinza Asif, 17 July 2019

    Great piece! I relate with you so much in terms of the socioeconomic barriers. However, I do not have the courage to do this yet but I really wish I d...

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  • Adrift

    Jinat Ferdousi, 17 July 2019

    The struggle of the Rohingya mother with her child evokes memories of their excruciating past. Enjoyed reading such an intense story!

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