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Unravelling realities Unravelling realities

By Namrata Chaturvedi

A new collection of stories provides layered representations of indigenous communities.

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The extinction of the mermaids The extinction of the mermaids

By Ravi Shankar

Maritime, Tahrir’s Square, Laloo & other poetic snapshots

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People & Politics

The silent superbug The silent superbug

By Sona Geworgjan and Cristina Valencia

Totally drug resistant TB is the lethal superbug that could haunt India’s future.

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Doctor’s appointment Doctor’s appointment

By Shubhanga Pandey

How one doctor’s hunger strike sparked medical education reform in Nepal

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Black magic blackout Black magic blackout

By Sarah Khatry

How to win a presidential election with the help of your personal sorcerer

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At the Cost of Health – latest Himal quarterlyAt the Cost of Health – latest Himal quarterly

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Xulhaz Mannan, a gay rights activist and editor at Roopbaan, Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine, was murdered on 25 April. Mannan and a friend, identified by Bangladeshi media as Tanay Mojumdar, also an LGBT activist, were hacked to death in Dhaka. As an openly gay man, Mannan was deeply considered with the restriction and stigma against homosexuality in Bangladesh. He had been previously threatened by Islamist groups on social media. This attack comes two days after the Islamic State (IS) allegedly claimed responsibility for the murder of Rezaul Karim Siddique, professor of English at Rajshahi University for allegedly advocating atheism.

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  • Confronting death: Doctors on mortality

    Ramesh Joseph, 02 May 2016

    Thanks for the review! Very insightful. Good ol' Himal! It got me thinking about the links between the experience of death and culture. Are those who...

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  • Between mortality and moksh

    Prachi Gupta, 26 April 2016

    Dear Phalguni,
    Great job on writing this piece. Your views on the exhibition and the scene of Indian Medical history and culture is very interesting....

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  • The millennial gold rush

    Sunalini Kumar, 01 April 2016

    Very interesting read, but the almost total elision of non-Brahmin stories about gold and marriage in the south is curious.

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