Cracked Earth

The tenuous future of climate migrants The tenuous future of climate migrants

By Manish Vaid and Tridivesh Singh Maini

India needs to look beyond its security paradigm in dealing with climate migrants from Bangladesh.

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Well - read

Between Qaum and the nation Between Qaum and the nation

By Vijay Prashad

Faisal Devji traces the development of Muslim nationalism and makes provocative claims about the movem...

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Encounters with Bollywood in Kabul Encounters with Bollywood in Kabul

By Taran N Khan

How Southasia’s dominant film industry is embraced but also appropriated by Kabulis.

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People & Politics

Kunan-Poshpora: Reconstructing truth Kunan-Poshpora: Reconstructing truth

By Freny Manecksha

Crime never dies, and neither does the struggle for justice.

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Housed in history Housed in history

By Safwat Zargar

Reflections on the life of Maqbool Bhat through the anatomy of a house.

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On 9 September 2014, the Maldivian government enacted a censorship regulation requiring prior government approval for publication of any prose or poetry. The stated purpose of the regulation is “ensuring that literature published or made public in the Maldives fit Maldivian laws and regulation as well as societal norms” and  “reducing adverse effects on society that could be caused by published literature”.

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  • Draupadi’s shades of dark

    meeta parekh, 17 September 2014

    amazing i loved it as i have been intrigued by draupadi alwaz want to know more and more

  • Draupadi’s Shades of Dark

    Mantra Roy, 12 September 2014

    I enjoyed reading 'Draupadi's Shades of Dark' especially because of the way Tomas looks at different literary adaptations of Draupadi and links them t...

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  • Gujarat’s ‘Rangoon Wallas’

    Usman Madha, 12 September 2014

    Interesting article especially about the Madha family. I am a Madha and had stayed in the Mansion when I last visited Variav in 1959. Although you men...

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