Cracked Earth

Chronicle from an attic window Chronicle from an attic window

By Uzma Falak

A people’s account of surviving the Kashmir floods.

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Well - read

Reading the nation in war Reading the nation in war

By Subarno Chattarji

A review of Gita Viswanath’s book on Indian military literature and Hindi war cinema.

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Imagining traditions Imagining traditions

By Sandali

Women’s everyday art travels from floors to books.

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People & Politics

Between the people and the polis Between the people and the polis

By Arif Hasan

Southasia’s mega-cities and the urban future.

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Housed in history Housed in history

By Safwat Zargar

Reflections on the life of Maqbool Bhat through the anatomy of a house.

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Media file

Obsessing over Indo-Pak Obsessing over Indo-Pak

By Puja Sen and Shubhanga Pandey

What media did and didn't cover during the SAARC Summit.

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Manzoor Ahmed Bugti, a Baloch journalist working for the state-run Pakistan Television in Dera Bugti, has been reported missing since 7 November 2014. Manzoor was in Quetta on a private visit on 6 November 2014.

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  • A SAARC-y declaration

    Ramesh Shrestha, 27 November 2014

    SAARC being the most disorganized regional group it is sad to see so much money being spent in its preparation and security knowing that it's outcomes...

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  • A SAARC-y declaration

    Derp S, 27 November 2014

    excellent piece. treats the feckless and irrelevant outfit with the level of seriousness it deserves.

  • A SAARC-y declaration

    Vrinda M, 27 November 2014

    Hahaha! Great piece guys. Esp Nawaz Sharif, Mahinda Rajpaksa, and ofc, all-at-once Modi.