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Cracked Earth

Development as disaster Development as disaster

By Nityananda Jayaraman

Tamil Nadu’s coastline is seeing rapid changes that make it more vulnerable.

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Well - read

Unravelling realities Unravelling realities

By Namrata Chaturvedi

A new collection of stories provides layered representations of indigenous communities.

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The millennial gold rush The millennial gold rush

By Rheea Mukherjee

Generation Y’s befuddled relation with the yellow metal

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People & Politics

Unnatural acts Unnatural acts

By Danish Sheikh

Section 377, or India’s anti-sodomy law, as Shakespearean comedy.

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Oiled sanctuary Oiled sanctuary

By Lalon Sander and Naushad Ali Husein

Neglect and misguided priorities ensured that the Sundarban oil spill was a disaster waiting to happen...

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Viral hysteria? Social media and Zika Viral hysteria? Social media and Zika

By Sarah Khatry

A dodgy tweet will travel halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on

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On 29 January, 2016 Afghan journalist Mohammad Zubair Khaksar was gunned down by unidentified assailants in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. On 29 January, 2016 Pakistan’s edition of International New York Times published blank space instead of running a picture of Chinese same-sex couple kissing on a cheek. This is the second time in a month that Pakistani publisher of International New York Times censored articles or pictures.

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  • Freedom Limited

    Nepali woman, 06 February 2016

    I am a "modern" Nepali woman. Grew up in Ktm. And I was shocked when my mother-in-law who wanted a modern daughter-ni-law started demanding bigger siz...

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  • Elephants in Manhattan

    shafi Ahmad, 06 February 2016

    Dance of death ,spilling blood,agony and pain described in lyrical prose.

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  • Freedom Limited

    rosi, 05 February 2016

    Hi Anjana,
    very well written article .
    Last pic in easle was of our wedding.
    Glad it came to some use .
    Rosi Greene

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