Cracked Earth

Chronicle from an attic window Chronicle from an attic window

By Uzma Falak

A people’s account of surviving the Kashmir floods.

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Well - read

Between Qaum and the nation Between Qaum and the nation

By Vijay Prashad

Faisal Devji traces the development of Muslim nationalism and makes provocative claims about the movem...

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Imagining traditions Imagining traditions

By Sandali

Women’s everyday art travels from floors to books.

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People & Politics

Where is Sodi Shambo? Where is Sodi Shambo?

By Sharmila Purkayastha

One woman’s harrowing ordeal in Chhattisgarh reveals the nature and functioning of India's repressiv...

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Housed in history Housed in history

By Safwat Zargar

Reflections on the life of Maqbool Bhat through the anatomy of a house.

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25 Years of Archives

  • UN to cut food rations in Afghanistan Photo: Flickr / Zoriah

    UN to cut food rations in Afghanistan

    Funding shortage of about USD 30 million has forced the World Food Programme (WFP) to effectively cut rations for up to one million people in Afghanistan. With the withdrawal of international military missions in 2014, the UN humanitarian appeal so far is already USD 158 million short of the initial estimate.

    From our Archive:

    Madhusree Mukerjee on the imperial roots of hunger. (June 2014)

    Aseem Shrivastava on why food crisis in Southasia has global roots. (June 2008)

    C P Chandrashekar on the aid-supported economy of Afghanistan. (August 2003)

  • Survey for minimum wage in Myanmar Flickr / International Labour Organization (ILO) Department of Communications

    Survey for minimum wage in Myanmar

    On 1 September 2014, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Myanmar began a survey to determine a minimum wage that is set to be introduced in December this year. The survey will be conducted by officials from the Ministry, the employers and the labour unions.

    From our Archive:

    Kanak Mani Dixit (with research by Ganesh Khatri, Ramyata Limbu and Sangeeta Lama) on the Nepali migrant workers in India. (January 1997)

    Aruna Roy and Nachiket Udupa on the impact of the landmark National Rural Employment Guarantee Act of 2005 (NREGA). (October 2010)

    K Mitchener on the political economy of labour in Myanmar. (June 2014)

  • Comtempt of court Freedom of Expression Booth Photo: Flickr / Eric and Mary Ellen

    Comtempt of court

    On 27 July 2014, the Supreme Court in Maldives enacted new regulations authorising courts to punish individuals for expression that could be considered as contempt of court. In Nepal, the Legislature Parliament has decided to ‘seek public feedback’ on the proposed Contempt of Court bill after it received criticism from journalists, lawyers and rights activists.

    From our Archive:

    C K Lal on the ‘limits’ to freedom of expression. (December 2010)

    Prashant Bhushan on the corruption of the Indian judiciary. (August 2003)

  • Kashmiri teen killed during an anti-Israel protest Photo: Dilnaz Boga

    Kashmiri teen killed during an anti-Israel protest

    On 19 July 2014, a teenager was shot dead in India-administered Kashmir because of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) firing on protestors demonstrating against Israel’s assault on Gaza. More protests have erupted following the boy’s death and spread to two nearby towns.

    From our Archive:

    Why hold a conference for Palestine in New Delhi? asks Aditi Bhaduri. (Novemeber 2010)


    Dilnaz Boga on how young Kashmiris risk everything to protest on the streets. (October 2009)


    Rita Manchanda looks at the alternative ways of addressing territorial partitions. (July 2008)

  • Maldives enacts death penalty regulations Image: Lance Page / truthout Adapted: World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

    Maldives enacts death penalty regulations

    Capital punishment can now be implemented in the Maldives following the publication of regulations on the death penalty. This overturns a moratorium on the death penalty  in place since 1953.

    From our Archive:

    Rakesh Shukla on the secret hanging of Afzal Guru. (February 2013)

    Prachi Patankar and Ahilan Kadirgamar review Jinee Lokaneeta's Transnational Torture. (December 2011)

    Zia Mian on the Pakistani state’s vocabulary and its relationship with violence. (July 1996)


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  • Chronicle from an attic window

    saltaf, 17 October 2014

    Kay manzarkasì ke hai, bahut kub, uzma falak u r grt

  • Draupadi’s shades of dark

    meeta parekh, 17 September 2014

    amazing i loved it as i have been intrigued by draupadi alwaz want to know more and more

  • Draupadi’s Shades of Dark

    Mantra Roy, 12 September 2014

    I enjoyed reading 'Draupadi's Shades of Dark' especially because of the way Tomas looks at different literary adaptations of Draupadi and links them t...

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