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Cracked Earth

Anti-politics of climate change Anti-politics of climate change

By Kasia Paprocki

Depoliticisation of climate change undermines the historic reasons that made Bangladesh vulnerable to ...

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Well - read

Surrealist Pakistan Surrealist Pakistan

By Haider Shahbaz

'Hasan Ki Surat-e-Haal' marks an important formal departure from Pakistan’s Urdu literature.

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A glimpse of hardship A glimpse of hardship

By Taran N Khan

Three documentaries offer moving and intimate portraits of the rural poor.

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Oiled sanctuary Oiled sanctuary

By Lalon Sander and Naushad Ali Husein

Neglect and misguided priorities ensured that the Sundarban oil spill was a disaster waiting to happen...

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To Modi, with love To Modi, with love

By Shubhanga Pandey

The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be enjoying Pahlaj Nihalani's nationalist agitprop.

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25 Years of Archives

  • The Bangladeshi executions Photo: Flickr / arju.r

    The Bangladeshi executions

    On 22 November 2015, two opposition leaders — Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed and Salauddin Quader Chowdhury — were executed for war crimes committed during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. Since the tribunals were set up by PM Sheikh Hasina in 2010, two separate tribunals to investigate the war crimes have convicted more than 15 people.

    From our Archive:

    Salil Tripathi on Bangladeshi Inquisitions (November 2015) Haroon Habib on the trial of those suspected of war crimes (August 2010) Antara Dutta on forgetting and remembering the birth of Bangladesh (February 2008)

  • The Maldivian emergency Vice President Ahmed Adeeb was impeached on 5 November 2015. Photo: Wikimedia/ Molhu Photographer

    The Maldivian emergency

    On 4 November 2015, citing a threat to national security,the  Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen declared a 30-day emergency in the country ahead of an opposition rally planned later in the week. Earlier in this year, the government had sentenced former President Mohammad Nasheed, raising concerns over growing authoritarianism of Yameen.

    From our Archive:

    Daniel Bosley on the politics of vengeance in the Maldives (November 2015) Azra Naseem on the Maldives’ democratic reversal (April 2011) Former President Gayoom on The Maldives’ democratic system (March 1997)  

  • Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake 2015 Volunteers and police personnel at work in clearing the debris at Kathmandu's Kalmochan temple. Photo: Shubhanga Pandey

    Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake 2015

    On 26 October, a powerful earthquake rocked parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the Hindu-Kush region killed hundreds of people and injured thousands in both countries. The second major quake to hit Southasia following the devastating 7.9-magnitude Nepal earthquake in April has raised concerns over disaster management in the region.

  • Peace process in Burma A Kachin Independence Army soldier moves through a trench at the frontline at Mai Ja Yang, Kachin state, Burma Photo : Brennan O’Connor

    Peace process in Burma

    On October 15, the Burmese government signed a ceasefire agreement with eight of the 15 armed groups active in the country. Despite the refusal of nearly half of the rebel groups to join the deal, the country is hoping to achieve a measure of stability as it readies for the elections to be held in November.

    From our Archive:

    David Brenner on how ceasefire capitalism undermines peace in Burma (July 2014) Joseph Allchin on the 2010 elections in Bruma (December 2010) Larry Jagan on the military's political grip (April 2009)

  • The politics of beef Photo: Flickr / Alex Thomson

    The politics of beef

    On 28 September 2015, a Muslim man was killed by a mob of Hindus in a village near New Delhi after rumours spread that he slaughtered, stored and consumed beef in his home. The debate around consumption of beef has become a communalised issue in India, with several states imposing a ban on it.

    From our Archive:

    K Balagopal on violence in Andhra Pradesh (December 2007) Lalit Vachani on the rise of rightwing Hindu politics in India (July 1999) Yameen Rasheed on religious intolerance in the Maldives (November 2011)


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On 22 November, Bangladeshi journalist Rajib Sen of Mohona TV was wounded when unidentified people fired shots at the TV channel’s van, in Chittagong district. They were attacked on their way back from covering the funeral of two opposition leaders who were hanged for war crimes committed during the 1971 Liberation War. In Bangladesh this year, four secular bloggers and a publisher have been murdered by religious extremists.

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  • Mourning, memory and resistance in Pakistan

    eric alabaster, 13 November 2015

    Thank you Nosheen Ali for your tribute to sister Sabeen Mahmud. She remains a bright light to those of us the world over who are inspired by her cour...

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  • Leaving home

    Zulkarnain Banday, 06 November 2015

    Good luck. Beautiful narrative!!!

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  • Campus gender politics

    PD, 06 November 2015

    I think a lot of sexual violence is triggered when men raised in conservative, patriarchal households, encounter women who do not fit into conventiona...

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