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Cracked Earth

The neoliberal aftershock The neoliberal aftershock

By Edward Simpson and Michele Serafini

How the 2001 Gujarat earthquake gave a fillip to Narendra Modi’s ‘Gujarat Model’.

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Well - read

No going back No going back

By Aditi Angiras

India’s first gay memoir shows how guarded gay people have to be, and how terribly isolated this mak...

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The dissident pleasures of pornography The dissident pleasures of pornography

By Shohini Ghosh

Pornography demands an examination of the contradictions between our sexual lives and yearnings.

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People & Politics

Identity illusions, unclassified categories Identity illusions, unclassified categories

By Aditya Nigam

Why has this tension grown between class and identity politics?

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Legacy of conflict Legacy of conflict

By Yola Verbruggen

The exclusionary nature of the Myanmar peace process.

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Black magic blackout Black magic blackout

By Sarah Khatry

How to win a presidential election with the help of your personal sorcerer

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Kishore Dave, the bureau chief of the Gujarati newspaper Jai Hind, was stabbed to death at the newspaper's office in Gujarat's Junagadh district. According to a Press Trust of India report, the Superintendent of Police at the local police station said Dave (53) was attacked by unknown assailants at around 9:30 PM on 22 August 2016. Aaj Tak, the Indian television channel, reported that personal enmity prompted the murder.

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  • The world’s dumping yard

    J. Blue, 10 February 2017

    Solid narration. Very important story.

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  • My mother’s head

    Lakbir Mahajan, 06 November 2016

    Hi Sumana,
    I am a person who struggles with words and so my praise will not do justice to your writing style.
    Honestly, I have very little time fo...

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  • Literary sandbox

    bhumo, 04 November 2016

    Bhuchung, why is late Dawa Norbu not mentioned here? His works are immensely read and applauded.

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