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Cracked Earth

Development as disaster Development as disaster

By Nityananda Jayaraman

Tamil Nadu’s coastline is seeing rapid changes that make it more vulnerable.

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Well - read

Unravelling realities Unravelling realities

By Namrata Chaturvedi

A new collection of stories provides layered representations of indigenous communities.

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Silence and shame Silence and shame

By Niranjan Kunwar

A Nepali man’s struggle to get the incidence of sexual abuse as a child acknowledged in a society th...

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People & Politics

Gatecrashing the gurukuls Gatecrashing the gurukuls

By N Sukumar

The struggles of Dalit students in India's college campuses.

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Oiled sanctuary Oiled sanctuary

By Lalon Sander and Naushad Ali Husein

Neglect and misguided priorities ensured that the Sundarban oil spill was a disaster waiting to happen...

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Loosening the gordian knot Loosening the gordian knot

By Sarah Khatry

The Chinese attempt at censorship at the Dhaka Art Summit has helped Tibetan agency.

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On 8 February 2016, the house of India’s Bastar-based journalist Malini Subramaniam was vandalised. She had been writing on the human rights violations by the Chhattisgarh government. On the same day, in Shamli town in India’s Uttar Pradesh two TV news reporters were attacked by supporters of the Samajwadi Party. The reporters were reporting on the death of a minor by a stray bullet fired during the party’s celebrations.

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  • Silence and shame

    Roopesh Joshi, 12 February 2016

    With this article, the author has done exactly what his father taught him - be bold. Sometimes acts of courage come in forms so unexpected; this artic...

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  • Silence and shame

    RR, 11 February 2016

    It happened to me and it has effectively ruined my mental health. Everyday is a challenge, but I have to live for my parents. Thanks for this article.

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  • Silence and shame

    Niroz, 11 February 2016

    I vividly remember the time. I was in 9th grade and was struggling in my Optional Math exam, when suddenly the main alarm system went off- the alarm t...

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